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Western Connecticut Jr Colonial Youth Hockey Association fields teams as follows:

All Western Teams are committed to the guidelines set forth by USA Hockey and the Connecticut Hockey Conference. The USAH ADM model of development is in the process of being implemented at Western and we are moving in that direction. All of our team schedules which are formulated annually in August will be set based on the particular skill set of the team in question at that time.  The ambition and philosophy of the Organization is to give all players equal opportunity to succeed thru commitment, determination, and a creative learning environment. Youth hockey parents should understand and accept that not all players develop at the same pace and should evaluate their own athlete’s skill development on an annual basis.


8u – (Mites 2010 and under) – cross ice format

Mite Major / Minor – This is the first introduction to game play and is grouped appropriately by age – for the 2018-19 season the Major team will consist of players born in 2010. The Mite Minor team will consist of players born in 2011-2012. Practice will occur 2x weekly and cross ice game play also 2x weekly with a few exceptions for Holidays or a day off. The target number of games at this level is 25. The Mite Major and Minor team will play up to two local tournaments or Jamborees. Roster size objective of 10 per team.

Mite Development – This is for the newest player or the player not quite ready to make the move to travel. Your child will practice with their appropriate age/skill group 2x weekly but WILL NOT participate in any officially scheduled game play. Players at this level could be comprised of those born 2010 - 2013


10u – (Squirts 2008/2009) & 12u – (Pee Wees 2006/2007)

Squirt Major 2008 / Minor 2009 & Pee Wee Major 2006 / Minor 2007 are for the player with the desire, passion, understanding, and ability to participate at the most competitive level of youth hockey we offer these age groups. A large family commitment is required at this level of play. A balance of teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, on ice awareness, and technique is pursued at this level. The objective is to challenge the players thru some higher levels of competition. Teams will practice 2 to 3x weekly and may also be introduced to dryland training. The target number of games for this level is 40 to 50 including tournaments. Each of these teams will participate in a minimum of 3 area tournaments in the Greater Tri State Area &/or New England. Roster size objectives at the Squirt level is 13 skaters and two goalies per team. Roster size objectives at the Pee Wee level is 15 skaters and 2 goalies per team.

Squirt Combined & Pee Wee Combined are for the player that has the same aspirations as above but is still in need of enhanced skill development to advance to the next level. A major emphasis will placed on technique, skill repetition, game discipline and hockey IQ. The objective is to put the athletes in a position to succeed and build confidence in their skill set as they progress. This team will be constructed with a mix of the two age groups at each level. The Target number of games for this level is 35 to 45 including Tournaments. Each of these teams will participate in a minimum of 2 area tournaments in the Greater Tri-State Area &/or New England. Roster size objectives as stated above.








14u – Bantams (2004/2005)

  • Will carry an A/B type designation due to the constant movement at this level          ·

 Bantam teams are for the player with the desire to continue to develop their skills and game play while having the desire to play at the next level be it Midget and/or High School. It is expected that our teams will be highly competitive and passionate as they have progressed to our highest full season level. Some players opt out after one season to join their High School Teams whereas others complete two years and age out of youth hockey. The players at this level are expected to represent Western with pride win, lose, or draw! The focus at this level is to refine and expand upon the skill and knowledge development to learn how to best protect, position, and respect yourself and the game. The teams will be selected based on skill. The target number of games for this level is 40 to 50 including tournaments. Each of these teams will participate in minimum of 3 area tournaments in the Greater Tri State Area &/or New England. Roster size objectives at the Bantam level are 18 skaters and 2 goalies per team.


14u – 12u Girls Hockey 2004 – 2007

Lady Colonials are still in the development planning stage for the inaugural 2018-2019 season based on participation rates. Please check back for full program description at a later date. 


USA Hockey Age Classifications for 2018/19 Season

  • 8u – Mite:              Birth year 2010 and under
  • 10u – Squirt:         Birth year 2008/2009
  • 12u – Pee Wee:     Birth year 2006/2007
  • 14u – Bantam:       Birth year 2004/2005


To be considered for any Western team it is expected that you will make the scheduled evaluations for your age group. A full copy of placement guidelines is available on our website. If you are unable to attend then you will only be considered if a roster spot exists. Priority is given to the returning Western player or sibling. If extenuating circumstances prevent attendance at evaluations then the Co-Presidents and Registrar should be notified in advance. Please understand that the Organization reserves the right to construct and populate our intended team rosters based on actual participation numbers and will do so in the best interest of the young athletes based on committed players and skill level.

In an effort to continue to grow the game and our program and thanks to our continued commitment to fundraising Western is able to keep pricing mostly level for the 2018/2019 season.


We are pleased to offer the following price points:

Mite Development           $1,000.00 (Practice only – NO game play)

Mites Major or Minor         1,500.00


Squirt Major or Minor        2,550.00

Squirt combined                2,300.00


PW Major or Minor             2,650.00

PW combined                     2,300.00 


All Bantams                        2,750.00  


Girls Co-Rostered                 * As yet to be determined  

Girls Only                               * As yet to be determined  


Additional expenses will apply for annual USAH Registration, any overnight tournament accommodations, uniforms - if you are in need of new or replacement, Western Wear - if you choose to purchase, Individual and team photos of your player - if you choose to purchase.

All programing dates such as Tournaments and Picture Day cannot be scheduled until late August and will be released when booked and confirmed.